Selling jewelry, diamonds and watches to CIRCA is a luxurious and rewarding experience. Our expertise and global sales reach allow us to pay the very best prices for the items you wish to sell. We provide two convenient selling options to suit your needs:

Option 1: Private In-Person Appointment

We have over 20 global locations where you may meet privately with a CIRCA expert for an in-person evaluation of the jewelry, diamonds and watches you wish to sell.

  • Select a date and time to meet a CIRCA expert near you for a complimentary evaluation of the pieces you’re interested in selling.

  • Upon review of your items, your CIRCA expert will provide an offer for your consideration.

  • Should you accept our offer, we pay immediately by check, bank transfer, or a CIRCA gift card valued at 120% of our purchase offer* towards your next jewelry purchase. 
Option 2: Sell Your Jewelry Online

If you prefer to sell from the comfort of home, you may use our free, secure & fully-insured online service. We do not charge any commission or fees, and there is never an obligation to sell.

  • To get started, provide some photos and information about the items you're interested in selling. A CIRCA expert will review your submission and provide an estimated offer range within 1 - 2 business days.

  • We'll overnight you a free and fully-insured shipping kit to send your items for an in-person evaluation by an expert. Upon review, we'll provide a final offer to purchase.

  • You can choose payment by check, bank transfer, or a CIRCA gift card valued at 120% of our purchase offer* towards your next jewelry purchase. 

  • Should you decline, we will ship your jewelry back to you fully-insured and free of charge. While there are no fees for our services, any international shipping fees and customs duties for mail-in returns will not be refunded.

*Payment by CIRCA Gift Card: Terms & Conditions

1. You can select payment by CIRCA gift card valued at 120% of our purchase offer in lieu of cash payment (check or bank transfer).

2. Once you receive the gift card, the sale will be considered final and cannot be exchanged for cash.

3. The gift card will be sent to the email address you provide.

4. The gift card has no expiration date and can be used to purchase anything available on, including items on sale or with other promotions.

5. The gift card value can be used in part or in whole. Any remaining balance can be used for future purchases.
6. During the return period, CIRCA accepts items returned for full purchase value to be credited back to the gift card. No gift card values may be turned into cash.

7. The gift card can be transferred to anyone of your liking. CIRCA will not be responsible for any loss or misuse of the gift card code.